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Who We Are:

A group of independent, small chocolate makers leading the American Chocolate Revolution.

Each of us makes fine chocolate from the cocoa bean using traditional processes, rather than buying our chocolate from other chocolate companies and then simply remolding it. We believe that by creating our chocolate with care, in small batches, using select ingredients, the resulting chocolate can have an unparalleled complexity and beauty of flavor.

While we may be competitors in one sense, we are also friends, and we have created the Craft Chocolate Makers of America (CCMA) as a way to act in concert on issues that we believe are vital to the chocolate industry, such as honesty and transparency in chocolate making, marketing and selling.

As we promote the above goals through adherence to them amongst ourselves, we hope to encourage other chocolate making companies to adopt them as well.

As a group, we also coordinate with each other on important issues such as cocoa supply, chocolate quality, machinery and other technical solutions.

We hope that by taking all of the above issues seriously, that the CCMA will be able to promote and protect American craft chocolate making and craft chocolate for future generations of craft chocolate enthusiasts.